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Time. It could be your company’s most important tool in stopping cybercrooks.

July 5, 2022

The days of individual hackers sitting at a computer attacking your business are long gone.

This year, businesses are facing the threat of whole machines attacking them in fragments of seconds.

Not even an elite human cyber-sec team can respond quickly enough.

You need AI to give your business an instant extra shield. 

AI learns what what’s normal for your business and what isn’t.

As soon as it detects a threat, it adjusts itself to destroy that threat. 

Better still, it memorises both the threat and any changes in it over time.

However the cybercrooks manipulate machine learning to attack your business,

Your AI system will know in advance and protect you instantly.

Integrating AI into your cyber-sec strategy isn’t an issue for the future. It’s vital to keeping your business safe right now.