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Critical infrastructure. People’s privacy. Game-changing commercial innovations…

July 5, 2022

You could protect all this and so much more with a career in cyber-sec.

Nearly 80% of cyber-sec professionals reported loving their jobs in 2021. That was despite the COVID restrictions we all had to struggle through. Imagine how high that number is now.

Some of the incredible work that you could do in cyber-sec includes;

  • Developing biometric security (facial recognition software) to give consumers a level of protection that passwords just can’t
  • Ethically hacking a large organisation’s software, so that they’re totally prepared when crooks try to steal their assets
  • Making sure that a new era of AI-powered defence technology creates a safer world.
  • Helping entrepreneurs explore space
  • Helping individuals around the world to confidently access a secure internet.

Which other sector would allow you to do all that and so much more?

Don’t just think about changing the world. Build the world you want your kids to grow up in through a career in cyber-sec.