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Let’s talk about stress in cyber-security

July 5, 2022

64% of cyber-sec professionals reported struggling with their mental health over the last year.

Many talented professionals are working non-stop to protect organisations from an ever evolving and never-ending series of threats.

Here are some easy ways for you to look after your team’s wellbeing:

  • Rotate staff who are on-call 24/7 or working exceedingly long hours. This will help everyone to avoid burnout.
  • Encourage staff to take breaks and to eat well every day, no matter how stressful a situation may become.
  • Encourage staff to take leave and spend time away from work without having to worry about limiting their career progression.
  • Take the lead by enjoying regular breaks and time-off yourself.
  • Explore how the latest AI technology can automate some of your cyber-sec and ease colleagues’ workloads.

While your organisation needs to be always-on, your colleagues don’t need to be.

As the world becomes increasingly unstable, ensure that your colleagues always have a stable balance between work and home.