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Hackers’ hit schools!

March 27, 2023

The hackers’ next target? Your local school

Sadly, hackers have no moral limits in their relentless quest to steal your stuff. Their latest targets are schools. By hacking into a school’s database, they’re able to steal your personal details and send you fake invoices.

Thinking the invoice is real, many parents then inadvertently hand hackers their hard-earned cash. Whenever you get any kind of bill from a school, check with them before making any payment.

If you have been targeted by hackers, all contact details and links on the relevant email will only trap you further in their scam. Ignore all of these contact details and get in touch with the school using a phone number (or email address) you hold separately.

This is a very scary time for both schools and parents, particularly on top of all the financial uncertainty at the moment.

How can schools fight back against the hackers?

Schools urgently need to improve their cyber-sec. Secure spaces for sharing documents are crucial to these improvements. They help schools to communicate with parents in complete confidence.

How? Well, these spaces give schools a separate and bespoke vault guarding information on every single one of the kids they look after. People can only view documents in these secure spaces if they register and scan in via facial recognition.  They give you as a parent complete confidence that all the information held by a school about your family is totally secure.

That means no more worrying about invoices getting faked in cyberspace. Deklum Cyber helps to create safer schools by ditching email altogether for important documents.

Encourage your local school to lock the hackers out forever with our secure spaces.